About Electro-Pure

David Beebe is a trained Bio-Chemist who has worked with metal Colloids for nearly thirty years.  He has work experiences ranging from Silver mining in the mountains of New Mexico to teaching High School Biology and loves to research into the mysteries of the natural world. 

It was not by chance then that he was introduced to a Cornell Electrical Engineer who was retired as a teacher from the Hawthorn School, whose interest at that time was making colloids of metal by an electrolysis process.  This new acquaintance was also somewhat the ‘mad-scientist’ and asked David to help him design an in-vitro study to test the efficacy of his experimental colloids.  David had just finished a two year study of a herbicide's effect on soil bacteria to determine if it was safe for his Cherry Ridge Organic Research Farm.  The two hit it off right from the beginning and began a two year study of making colloids by various methods and then treating various microbial cultures.  

They made colloids of Gold, Iridium, Platinum, Chromium, Copper and Silver but found that only the Silver would kill the bacterial, fungal and yeast cultures they were growing.  Silver Colloids became their pet project and led to much research into its uses and history.  They were surprised to find that its medicinal properties had been known for thousands of years and that it was used during the 1800’s as an antibiotic, but yet very few people today had ever heard of it.  After experimenting with many adjustments to the process, they became confident enough of the colloids safeness to test them on themselves.  

Within only a few weeks they were convinced of its powerful antibiotic effect on the human body and broad versatility on many different ailments.  David treated many of his two children's injuries and ailments and found that it worked better than any of the usual ‘store bought’ products he had always used and was cheap and available by the gallon.  The real bonus was that it caused none of the side effects he was accustomed to seeing with the usual antibiotics.  So, he continued to experiment and play with this fascinating hobby while still working as an Analytical Chemist for a large poultry feed company.   But, another synchronistic meeting would change his life's occupation before long.        

In 1995 he was introduced to a famous Homeopathic MD practicing near Charlottesville, Virginia.  This doctor was very interested to hear that David had researched Colloids of Silver and said he had used other brands on his patients for years.  A sample was sent to the doctor and within just a few days, David heard back that his ‘home-made’ colloid was far better than the products the doctor had bought in the past.  When he asked if he would sell his patients the product, David was shocked and said he would have to give it some serious thought.  He wanted to be sure the product was as pure and as safe as possible before he began to even give it to others.  Well he didn't have to think very long, because that very next week his employer of six years, laid him off in a company downsizing. 

Synchronicity continued to work David toward the doctors offer as he began to realize that the employment opportunities for him were very limited.  Forced by unemployment to ‘sink or swim’, David invested all of his remaining financial resources into building a small laboratory on his hundred year old farm and starting a business to sell Colloidal Silver to the doctor's patients.  He coined the name Electro-Pure as the company name and made up the first labels on his computer.  Electro-Pure was well received and the word soon spread to over 42 states and into 4 foreign countries.

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