Colloidal Chromium Mist

Colloidal Chromium Mist

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2 Ounce 2.5 PPM Colloidal Chromium Mistª

Excellent form of pure Chromium colloid supplement in a convenient spray bottle for accurate oral dosages at nearly 100% absorption. For Type 2 Diabetes (adult onset Diabetes) to lower blood sugar, hyper and hypo glycemia, (high and low blood sugar issues) to stabilize blood sugar levels. Each bottle about a 4-month supply at 4 -5 sprays recommended daily dose.  (see chromium article)


Colloidal Chromium Mist™


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The first historical reference to the importance of elemental Chromium in the human diet was identified by researchers in 1955. It was discovered that feeding brewer’s yeast to glucose-intolerant rats resulted in normal glucose tolerance, (the ability for the body to take up glucose for energy use). The researchers coined the term for this mysterious property of the yeast, glucose tolerance factor (GTF). Soon thereafter, in 1957, Walter Mertz and Kenneth Schwartz, announced they had isolated a compound extracted from pork kidney as the same GTF. Later in 1959, Chromium would be identified as a major component of the GTF. This discovery triggered a multitude of studies to establish the element Chromium as an essential dietary mineral. Researchers found that chromium in the trivalent form, chromium that’s combined with three hydrogen atoms or in which three hydrogen atoms are replaced (ionic), was the only form in the GTF. In the April, 1996 issue of Nutrition & Healing a report stated that Chromium deficiency appears to be common in the US and that one dietary survey revealed that 90% of American diets contain less than the minimum suggested intake for chromium. To further exacerbate this deficiency it is known that dietary Chromium is poorly assimilated, with generally only about 3% absorbed. Some of the sources of Chromium are brewer’s yeast, beef liver, mushrooms, wheat germ, broccoli, oysters, processed meats containing organ meats, potato skins, black pepper, eggs, spinach, butter and green peppers. However, few of these are rarely included in the diet in quantities that meet the recommended levels prescribed by the FDA.

Furthermore, the typical diet of highly refined carbohydrates such as white bread, spaghetti, macaroni, bagels, crackers, cookies and white rice has been documented to actually deplete Chromium stores in the body. Those individuals at particular risk of Chromium deficiency are, those who exercise regularly, pregnant women, and diabetics. Research reported in (Metabolism , 1997; 46 469-73) suggests that eating elevated amounts of refined carbohydrates increases the body’s demands for chromium. These highly refined foods, on the other hand contain relatively low amounts of the chromium which is needed to burn these readily available sugar sources. Also, a report in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, (1968, vol. 21) stated that there is a considerable decrease in Chromium as we age, starting at the age of 35. Since these facts have been confirmed, many pharmaceutical manufacturers have searched for compounds of Chromium that would decompose into trivalent Chromium usable by the body. Compounds with aspertate, phosphate, sulfate, chloride, nicotinate, poly-nicotinate, proteinate, niacin and the most familiar, picolinate, made their way to the marketplace with limited success. Research data from a study completed in 1996 indicates that compounds of Chromium have varying degrees of bio-availability. In one clinical study, niacin-bound was only 16% retained, picolinate 5% and the chloride compound only 2% retained in the tissues. Chromium expert, Richard Anderson of the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service, states that although there is no recommended RDA (recommended daily allowance) for Chromium, there is a FDA

Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) of from 50-200 mcg per day. Few Americans meet even the minimum recommended level.

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Adult Onset Diabetics, those suffering from other insulin response disorders such as Acne, Hypoglycemia, chronic fatigue, elevated  blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels Hyperglycemia and Fibromyalgia syndrome.


Electro-Pure Colloidal Chromium Mist is a unique form of Chromium supplement unlike any of the compounded supplements. It is produced by electrolysis process that creates a pure Chromium colloid containing sub microscopic molecules of 99.9991% pure elemental Chromium which stay suspended in distilled water naturally, without added protein, dyes or stabilizers. This elemental supplement acts as a safe, pure source of the essential mineral Chromium in the natural form the body readily accepts without the complication of any other compound. Just the mineral your body needs in a fast acting, extremely low dose. Taken orally using the precision atomizer, Electro-Pure Chromium Mist provides fast-acting pure Chromium at a rate of 0.25 mcg per pump. Because of its excellent absorption into the bloodstream (near 100%) only 5 sprays a day (1 mcg) are needed to reach the same response as taking chromium picolinate products at 200 mcg daily!


Stabilizing blood sugar levels in Adult Onset Diabetics, those suffering from other insulin response disorders such as Obesity, Acne, PMS, Hypoglycemia, chronic fatigue, hyperglycemia and fibromyalgia syndrome. Lowers elevated blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels.


Easily Metered dosage


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