Colloidal Silver 30ppm 8oz

Colloidal Silver 30ppm 8oz

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General Recommendations for using

Electro-Pure Colloidal Silver Products


Due to FDA regulations, which severely limit label dosage recommendations on OTC (over-the-counter) products, we feel it necessary to make some general suggestions to our clients, healthfood store mangers and other promoters of our products based on our years of anecdotal experience. Of course we are required to suggest, you should be under the advice of a healthcare professional and follow any recommendations they may suggest first, otherwise consider these dosages as a good starting point. Some individuals may respond much better to higher doses and others may do just as well with less. Basically, if you are not feeling better within 4 hours you should increase the dose rate as you cannot overdose on this true colloid of pure silver (we have tested dosages to 32 ounces (yes that’s one quart) at one time with no side effect). Remember to begin treatment as soon as symptoms appear and continue for 5-7 days after symptoms subside with most infections to insure thorough elimination of the pathogen.

These recommendations are set for the highest potency 150 PPM products and since Electro-Pure offers lower potencies of 30 and 100 PPM colloids, one can simply multiply by 5 for the 30 PPM or just increase the dose by another ½ for the 100 PPM. For most applications the 150 PPM is most often recommended by our referring doctors and it is only twice the cost as the 30 yet 5 times as effective; a far better buy.

For children (even infants) you may reduce these dosage recommendations approximately by their size as the dose here is for a 150 pound adult individual. There are no reported contraindications with children of any age, at any dose and this pure silver product. Please note that for maximum efficacy, we recommend not diluting or mixing this colloid in other liquids, but if for some reason you feel you must, then avoid chlorinated water or liquids that may contain salt.

NOTE: 6 teaspoons or 2 Tablespoons=1 oz. Always be sure to order soon enough that you won’t run out. Winter is upon us and its time for all the weird viral ‘bugs’ to hit us and here in the East is has been hot one day and then cold the next. Remember to control most viral infections, sinus infections, allergies, colds, flu and strep throat you MUST spray the colloid in the nose and throat using the atomizer or nasal bottle AND take an adequate oral dose to fight the systemic infection.


1.    COLDS, SORE THROATS, CHEST COLDS: at first onset of cold-like symptoms, take 1 tablespoon orally and hold under the tongue as long as comfortable 4 times per day. Also, spray 2-4 sprays from the Atomizer (Throat and Sinus Bottle) into each nostril while simultaneously sniffing the fine mist deep into the nasal passages. Spray the throat with the Atomizer (Throat and Sinus Bottle) mist several times a day, also. Continue this dose routine for the first day of symptoms and then taper back to only 1/2 teaspoon orally each day and continue the spray program for your nose and throat the same, for 5-7 days after symptoms subside.

2.  SORE THROATS AND STREP-THROAT: take 1 teaspoon orally four times daily and hold under the tongue as long as comfortable then gargle and swallow the remainder 4 times per day. Spray three sprays at the back of the throat using the Atomizer (Throat and Sinus Bottle) at least three times a day. Continue treatment until soreness and redness subsides then continue for at least 5 days thereafter. If soreness and redness continues after two days begin treatment more frequently. If high fever accompanied

by headache and nausea persist, then consult with your healthcare professional.

3.  Ear aches and swimmer’s ear: put two drops in each ear three times daily and take 1 teaspoon orally twice daily for at least 4 days after pain subsides

4.  FLU: at first onset of early flu symptoms (achy eyes, cramps, lethargy, and that ‘I feel like I’m coming down with something’ feeling), start with the above treatment for colds. If intestinal upset has begun, then take 1/4 teaspoon orally each hour until nausea, diarrhea and cramping ease, then continue with the 4 times orally a day routine. Continue for 5-7 days after symptoms subside. Of course anytime nausea is accompanied by high fever and severe headache, it is advisable to seek the advice of your physician for the possibility of other diseases other than influenza.

5.     EYE INFECTIONS, STIES, CONJUNCTIVITIS (pink eye): carefully drop two drops per eye directly onto the conjunctivas. Repeat several times daily and continue for several days after infection is relieved. Treat both eyes each time even though only one eye may be infected.

6.    SINUS INFECTIONS: for sinus infections that have persisted for many weeks or even months, a multifaceted approach is usually warranted to completely clear all infection from the sinuses, ears, eyes, nose and throat. It should be understood that these infections tend to become deeply seated in areas of the sinus that are difficult for systemic antibiotics to reach effectively, and may take weeks to completely clear.

A)     Take at least 1/2 teaspoon by mouth twice daily for at least a week after symptoms subside.

B)     For at least a week, apply two drops twice every day to each of your eyes and ears.

C)    Spray your throat with at least two mists twice daily from the or Nasal bottle for at least a week.

Most importantly, treat the sinus area thoroughly at least twice a day for two weeks (or a week after symptoms subside) as follows: After gently blowing your nose and clearing the nasal area as best possible, tilt your head back or even lay on your back on your bed with your head hanging over upside down and spray at least two mists from the Atomizer (Throat and Sinus Bottle) or Nasal bottle into each nostril (sniff while holding the other nostril closed). Some people find that its easier on the neck to sit in a chair and lean forward onto your legs and tilt your chin forward toward your chest, then spray the mist into each nostril as above. This should be allowed to ‘soak’ into the sinus area for a few minutes if possible. Then slowly sit upright and again blow your nose gently to clear any mucus. Then spray at least one more spray per nostril as you sniff to coat the cleared nasal passages. Avoid overlapping treatment with any salt water rinses within 1 hour of treatment with the silver colloid for best efficacy.

7.    Skin infections, some types of ECZEMA, insect bites and cuts: apply topically as often as needed (at least 3 times daily) until area heals.

8.    RINGWORM, infected ingrown toenails, ATHLETES FOOT AND FUNGAL SKIN INFECTIONS: apply topically at least 2 times daily working well into infected area and healthy skin around the affected area. After bathing is a good time to apply, but dry the affected area thoroughly to remove any remains of chlorinated water. Continue for two weeks after healed and if athlete’s foot is common, a rinse with the colloid each day after bathing is a good idea to prevent re-infection.

9.    Fungus Nails: take 1/2-1 teaspoon orally twice daily. Each week clean and remove as much of the infected nail as possible being careful to dispose this infectious material away from areas that may contaminate others. As often as possible, wet the nail with the colloid working it well under the cuticle. You may even dampen the padding of a ‘Band-Aid’ with the colloid and sleep with it applied to the nail. Nails grow slowly, so you will not see much change for several weeks, but then should begin to have a healthy nail growing from the nail bed within a week. Continue to treat the nail daily at least two weeks after the last of the damaged nail is trimmed off. If you stop treatment before total healing, the fungus may grow back toward the cuticle again. You must continue treatment until the entire damaged nail is gone, which in many cases takes many months as nails grow only fractions of an inch per month.

10. Most Warts, skin tags and some moles: after bathing and drying the affected skin, rub the colloid thoroughly into the wart tissue. The silver must contact the virus at the bottom layer of skin cells before the wart tissue will stop forming. Older warts may be more persistent and respond well to dampening the pad of a ‘Band-Aid’ and wearing over the wart overnight each night until the wart is removed. Continue treating the healthy skin for two weeks after all signs of the wart are clear. Warts over a large area of the body may be treated by spraying several times daily with the Atomizer (Throat and Sinus Bottle) and taking 1/2 teaspoon orally twice daily for 4-6 weeks.

11.  Sinus infections, acute flu, PERSISTENT colds, BRONCHITIS, PNEUMONIA and other chronic upper respiratory infections: You may inhale the mist into the lungs for treating Bronchitis and persistent coughs. Although, pneumonia has been successfully treated many times with our products, it is a very serious condition and you should be under the care of a healthcare professional if your condition doesn’t improve within 12 hours.

12.  Fever blisters, canker sores and cold sores: these painful viral ‘flare-ups’ should be treated topically as often as possible by simply wetting the sore. Continue treatment for a week after the sore has gone. Systemically they may be prevented in the future by taking 1/2 teaspoon daily for at least a month.


13. Mouth ABSCESSES, and sores caused by dentures and ORTHODONTIC appliances: dab the colloid onto the sore and or hold a dampened ‘Q-tip’ directly on the sore for a minute or so, repeat several times a day until sore is well healed. Each day after brushing your teeth and rinsing, rinse the mouth with a 1/2 teaspoon of the colloid and swallow the remainder.

14. Infected tonsils: use the Atomizer (Throat and Sinus Bottle) and spray directly onto the tonsils two to three sprays three times daily. Also, take 1/2 teaspoon orally three times daily. Continue for at least 5 days after swelling and pain subside.

16 Infected gums, GINGIVITIS, and gum sores: dab the colloid onto the sore gently massaging it to encourage penetration between the gum and tooth, and/or hold a dampened ‘Q-tip’ directly on the sore for a minute or so, repeat several times a day. Each day after brushing your teeth and rinsing, rinse the mouth with a 1/2 teaspoon or more of the colloid and swallow remainder (great for bad breath, too). Consult your Dentist if pain and fever persist beyond reason indicating abscessed tooth root.

16. Lyme’s Disease, Chronic FATIGUE Syndrome, systemic yeast infections (candidiasis) and other chronic disorders:take a minimum of 1 Tablespoon at least twice daily for a month. Continue to monitor the progression of the disorder. Many have experienced complete remission within the first few weeks but it is advised to continue treatment for at least a month or longer to assure continued good health.


 17.  TO help PREVENT irritating RASHES AND BLADDER INFECTIONS CAUSED BY CONTACT WITH DIAPERS, PERSONAL HYGIENE PADS, AND various INCONTINENCE PRODUCTS: lightly spray the surface of the diaper or pad before use. The Atomizer (Throat and Sinus Bottle) is very convenient for this application.

 18. PROPHYLACTIC BEFORE VACATIONS, CRUISES AND AIR FLIGHTS: at least two days before your flight or trip, take 1 tablespoon of the 150 PPM colloid orally twice daily. On the day of the flight or during the cruise, use the Atomizer or Nasal bottle to spray the nasal area and throat several times per day to kill off any air borne pathogens encountered in the recycled air systems. During the rest of your vacation take ½ teaspoon twice daily to further prevent any infections and have a healthy vacation. If any pathogen should affect you, then increase the oral dose back to two tablespoons twice daily and use the Atomizer or Nasal bottle to spray the nasal area and throat several times until a few days after you feel better.

19. TOOTH ACHE, ABSCESSED TEETH AND PENDING ROOT CANALS: Infections of the tooth may respond to topical treatment with the silver colloid if applied to the tooth area and worked into the gum between the tooth and gum. It is recommended to use the Atomizer bottle to direct a spray around the tooth and massage the gum to work the colloid down beside the tooth. If the sore tooth is accompanied by fever and pain it may also be useful to take an oral dose under the tongue of ½ teaspoon twice daily to fight any infection that may have become systemic. Of course if the pain and fever should persist for more than reasonable, it is most important to follow the advice of your Dentist as infections that enter the bone can become life threatening. In most cases this is not necessary though as the antibiotic properties of this colloid are more effective than most prescription medications.



 COLLOIDAL CHROMIUM MIST -Superior for supplementing Chromium in the diet to treat Adult Onset Diabetes (type II) and other blood sugar imbalances.


 ACNE TONER- an all natural skin cleaner with plant extratives and colloidal silver to be used as a cleaner and toner for healthy skin.

 Statements made in this material have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

. Wonderful for cleansing hands before and after food preparation, cleansing wounds and washing babies at diaper changing.
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